Veronica Mars "Not Pictures"

Veronica Mars "Not Pictures"

Last night was the season finale of Veronica Mars (hopefully not the series finale). I must say it was great. I read the spoilers and speculation too much and so already knew who the person who crashed the bus was. But it was still really good. My wife thought it was morbid. But after the show was over, she was talking about how much she likes this show and how she should e-mail her friends to get them to write to the CW and ask them to renew the show.

I think that there was an interesting line in it last night. A character named Clarence Weidman (who hasn’t been on the show since November) killed someone on the episode. He calls to tell someone about it. “CW?” “It’s a done deal”. Is that creator Rob Thomas’s way of telling us that the Veronica Mars on the CW is a done deal?

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