7th Heaven Wrap Up

7th Heaven Wrap Up

Well, the wife and I watched the last episode of 7th Heaven Monday night. It was good. I really liked it… until about the last 2 minutes of the episode. If you haven’t watched it yet, I will be talking about it and you may want to stop reading now.

So, Simon and Rose didn’t get married. Rose & Simon are dancing, then Rose and her father, then Rose and her ex-boyfriend. All of a sudden, Sandy (who we haven’t seen since her baby was born) walks in. Simon goes over to see her and says that he’s glad she came. She says “Simon, there’s something I need to tell you”. And then the episode ends. That really bothered me. There has been hints all season long that Martin may not be the father of Sandy’s baby, but that Simon actually was. Oh well, since there is the possibility that it may be back next season, they wanted to have something for us to explore.

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