Quicken 2006

Quicken 2006

I’ve talked about the difficulties that I’ve had with QuickBooks 2006 with a client. Well, for another client, I was installing Quicken 2006. I got another error message, one that again, I couldn’t find much on the Internet. I used Intuit (the maker of Quicken) Online Chat to talk to them. The lady told me that I copied the data files over wrong. I know that isn’t the case. She then disconnected on me when I was reading what she told me to try. I thought that was very rude. Well, I ended up importing her Quicken file into Microsoft Money and then importing the data from Microsoft Money into Quicken 2006. Worked fine, but is a hassle that I had to do that.

What is up with Intuit? It seems like they are just going from bad to worse.

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