Forest Fires & Preparedness

Over the last 12-days, the Spring Mountain ranges west of Las Vegas have been on fire (“Carpenter 1 Fire”). Nearly 28,000 acres have been burned. Hundreds of families have been displaced as their neighborhoods have been under mandatory evacuation.  My company owns and operates The Resort on Mt Charleston, which is currently closed due to the fires and evacuation orders.  I can better speak of what happened at the Resort, but I assume similar facts happened all over the mountain.  At about 10:30 PM on Friday, July 5, 2013, as guests were winding down for the night, officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrived at the property and said the hotel needed to be evacuated due to the smoke and potential for the fire to the hotel.  Metro Police walked the hotel with hotel staff and knocked on each door, making sure that everyone left, with basically no notice.  The residents up in the area had a similar time frame.  There was some rain the last 2-days, which helped fire crews get the fire from 10% contained to 50% contained.  Without the help from the rain, crews might still have the fire at 10% containment. Continue reading

Making bread

I was up at my parents house for the 4th of July.  As my regular readers know, I’m pretty into Family Home Storage (Food Storage) and Emergency Preparedness.  We decided, therefore, to take our wheat grinder and the [download#4] cookbook with us.  Tonight, I decided to make some whole wheat rolls (page 27) and my 12-year old niece (Laura) wanted to help.  It was the first time that either one of us had ever made breadish from scratch.  It was fun.  My lovely wife said that every girl needs to make bread from scratch at least once in their life.  I found it funny that her Uncle was the one to teach her! 🙂