Troy & Sarah’s Reception

Troy & Sarah’s reception was nice. They had a lot more people then the Salt Lake Reception did. I was late, however, for it. They waited for me, which was nice. Since I was in the wedding party (as the best man), I danced with the maid-of-honor (Sarah’s older sister). I was strange dancing with a different woman.

Our friends really decorated Troy’s car. The wife finally understands why I hide our car at our wedding.

Troy & Sarah’s Wedding Slide Show

For Billy & Kinsley’s wedding, for Sarah & DJ’s wedding, and now for Troy & Sarah’s wedding, the wife and I have been taking pictures with our digital camera and then creating a DVD slideshow, with music and what not. Troy & Sarah’s DVD slideshow has their pictures from the Salt Lake Temple and their reception in North Salt Lake. Tonight, they’re having a reception in Las Vegas and we’ll have to get some more pictures and add them in.