Changing Driving Habits?

As all know, the price of unleaded gas (as well as diesel fuel) keeps rising.  For example, yesterday, in Mesquite, Nevada, I saw a sign for regular gas at $4.42/gallon.  Has prices gotten to a point yet where you have started changing your driving habits?  If so, how?  If not, at what price to you anticipate a change in driving habits?  In our life, the Wife & I have started making changes.  For those who don’t know, I have a Nissan Titan V8 Truck.  It gets about 15-miles per gallon.  Since I travel around town so much, it keeps getting more expensive to fix people’s computers.  My wife has a Toyota Prius Hybrid.  We are averaging about 45-miles per gallon.  Since I drive more than her, I’ve started driving her car almost everyday.  Another change that I’ve made is to slow down a little bit.  I was up in Utah yesterday and, as I was coming home, instead of driving my normal75-85 MPH, I slowed down and drove about 70 MPH the entire trip home.  Driving the Prius will certainly save money, but will slowing down a little bit really save money?  I’ll keep you posted.

Eat out verses taking with you

I love eating out.  Growing up, we eat out more than we ate in, at least, that’s how I remember it.  As a result, I would always go out to eat for lunch.  Last year, Amanda started making me a lunch most days.  Its amazing how much one can spend on lunch each day.  I found a nifty little calculator over at and, based on my guestaments, I’m guessing the Wife has saved us at least $700.00 so far.  Go Wifey! 🙂  The longer I take lunch with me, of course, the more that will increase.

To arrive at my figures, I used the cost of $5.00 for lunch eating out, verses $2.00 taking it with me, for 1 year, with a 3% return on my money.

What do you guys think?  Do you take lunch with you to work?  Do you eat out?  If $700.00 worth the time and effort the Wife puts into it?  Do I have the best wife in the world?

What if Money Really Grew on Trees?

I was reading a blog entry over on I thought it had some great information:

“It’s an old saying: “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” But what if it did? What would that look like? Would everybody be rich and well taken care of due to readily available money? Or would we still end up with rich, middle class and poor people? Here’s what I bet would happen if money really grew on trees:”

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