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Potty Mouth

As you guys know, we’ve been working on potty training Mikey.  Currently, we are using a potty chart and each time Mikey uses the potty, he puts a sticker on it.  He gets rewards based on the number of times, although recently, every time he goes, he gets a little mini bag of M&Ms.  A […]

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Mikey talking about yesterday

I posted about Mikey’s big accomplishment yesterday. Today, I’ve decided to allow Mikey to tell the World about what happened to him yesterday.

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I'm a Big Boy, Look What I Can Do!

I know that Amanda already posted this, but I really wanted to also. Every night for a while now, I would put Mikey on the potty upstairs.  He will sit there and keep telling us “almost done”, but would never go pee-pee in the potty.  Finally, either he would tell me he was done, or I would […]

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