McCarran Airport BS

Yesterday, McCarran Internal Airport announced that they would be increasing their fees for parking and ground transportation for, among other reasons “because of the county’s budget deficit“.  This is complete BS.  Per page 6 of the 2007 Financial Report of McCarran Airport/Clark County Department of Aviation “The Department comprises a single enterprise fund of Clark County (the County), and operates as a separate self sufficient enterprise of the County (emphasis added).  Continued reading of the 2007 Financial Report tells us that all money used for the operation of the airport is gathered through the fees the airport charges and all revenue gathered is used for the airport.  If the airport wants to raise fees, fine, but don’t BS us by telling us that it is because of budget cuts.

LV Monorail Expansion suggestion

As some of you may know, the Las Vegas Monorail is planning an expansion from the MGM to UNLV’s Thomas and Mac Center and then onto to McCarran Airport. If I were them, I would continue on from the airport to McCarran’s Rental Car Return on Warm Springs. That would be a couple of extra miles, but would get the Monorail south of the airport (for possible expansion down the line) but also have it so that people dropping off rental cars can ride the monorail back to the airport.  Plus if during the time in they are in town, if they decide they want to rent a car, they can the monorail from the strip all the way to get their rental car.