I feel like I sold my 1st Child…

Its a happy, yet sad day, at the Cox household.  I opened a computer service business named Las Vegas Geeks in February 2003.  In February of this year, I sold this business to a friend, but was allow to continue using the name until the sale was completed.  This sale was completed a few days ago.

I wasn’t married until 2004 and didn’t have my 1st kid until 2006.  So, while the Wife and I believe selling the business was the right course of action, it is still a little sad.  We had actually considered selling it a few years earlier, but didn’t.  Since a friend has purchased it, we thought it was a little bit easier to sell.  I want to personally wish Kerrigan Enterprises, LLC doing business as Las Vegas Geeks a good future and continued growth!  I know she’s your baby now… but she was my baby first, so treat her right!

Removing Rootkit.Zlob

As most of you know, I own a computer repair company called Las Vegas Geeks.  One of the most common problems I run into is viruses, spyware, or some other kind of malware.  There are some great utilities out there to help clean up these problems, but new malware comes out faster then the tools to clean them up.  Yesterday, I was at two different places that had the same malware, Rootkit.Zlob.  I was able to most of the problems fixed using ComboFix, Hijack This, Spybot and a quick scan of MalwareBytes’ Anti-malware.  But the system was still running very sluggish.  I did a full scan with MalwareBytes and it would find two results of Rootkit.Zlob in the C:\Documents and Settings\%Username%\ folder.  When I tried to remove this with Malwarebytes, the system would freeze up. I could find the folder with the Command Prompt, but of course, since its a rootkit, I couldn’t remove it or find anything inside of the folder.  I thought about trying to use Windows Recovery Console, but since the problem is the Documents and Settings folder, the default settings of Recovery Console would not have allowed me to get into this folder.  And the system was running slowly enough that I didn’t want to try to change those settings.  So, I used a LiveCD and booted up the system.  I could then find this folder and remove it.  The system ran great after that.  I should also have had the same results plugging the drive into a different PC, although I didn’t try that.

KXNT Sponsorship

I’m proud to announce that Las Vegas Geeks is now sponsoring “Jerk of the Week” on Newsradio 840 KXNT.

Jerk of the Week is a weekly segment held during the Casey Hendrickson show on Fridays in the 6 pm hour.

I just found out that the wife already posted this news already.

Changing Driving Habits?

As all know, the price of unleaded gas (as well as diesel fuel) keeps rising.  For example, yesterday, in Mesquite, Nevada, I saw a sign for regular gas at $4.42/gallon.  Has prices gotten to a point yet where you have started changing your driving habits?  If so, how?  If not, at what price to you anticipate a change in driving habits?  In our life, the Wife & I have started making changes.  For those who don’t know, I have a Nissan Titan V8 Truck.  It gets about 15-miles per gallon.  Since I travel around town so much, it keeps getting more expensive to fix people’s computers.  My wife has a Toyota Prius Hybrid.  We are averaging about 45-miles per gallon.  Since I drive more than her, I’ve started driving her car almost everyday.  Another change that I’ve made is to slow down a little bit.  I was up in Utah yesterday and, as I was coming home, instead of driving my normal75-85 MPH, I slowed down and drove about 70 MPH the entire trip home.  Driving the Prius will certainly save money, but will slowing down a little bit really save money?  I’ll keep you posted.

COX Technologies is now using a new Dispatch program

COX Technologies, LLC’s Las Vegas Geeks and St George Geeks is now using a new dispatch program. When clients call us, we will put their call directly into our new program. Our program will create the work orders for us (which we will then print) and after the call is done, we’ll add our notes to the program and will then create an invoice from it.

We also have a new online customer self-service center, which is called “COX Technologies Customer Direct“.
Our clients will be able to see all service that happens after January 1, 2006. They can leave feedback for calls. They’ll be able to create statements on the fly, and so much more!

We’re excited for the prospects this brings us for better customer service!