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Collapse of the Government of Iceland

Yesterday, the government of Iceland collapsed.  This collapse was caused by the “global financial crises”.  In 2007 and 2008, Iceland was ranked by the UN as the “most developed country” in the world.  Now?  Not so good. 

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Glenn Beck: What Can I do to Prepare?

Guys, Here is the third letter I promised you. In my earlier letters I’ve explained “what happened” and “what’s coming.” Today, I want to answer the questions you’ve asked regarding “what can I do to prepare myself and my family.” The focus has to be on ‘value’ and ‘values.’ These are the concepts that too […]

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Zimbabwe: Inflation Rate Spirals Higher Still

The New York Times 10 October 2008, page A12 By CELIA W. DUGGER Zimbabwe’s inflation rate, already one of the highest in world history, rose from an annual rate of 11 million percent in June to 231 million percent in July, according to official statistics reported by the state media. Rising prices for staple foods […]

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