Free Ham Radio Class 2012

In 2009, I helped organize a free ham radio class in my then LDS Stake (the North Las Vegas Nevada Stake).  I got my tech and general license after taking this course and have tried to stay actively involved ever since.  I am in the process of organizing on in April/May 2012 for my current LDS Stake (the Las Vegas Nevada Redrock Stake).  We are thinking it will be held Thursday night at about 6:30 pm.  If anyone is interested, comment below or contact me.

I passed my Ham Radio License!

I’ve been interested in ham radio/amateur radio for a while now.  Well, today, my dear, sweet wife, myself, and 4 other people from our Ward went and took the ham radio license exam.  All 6 of us were not currently licensed ham radio operators.  Currently the FCC offers 3 ham radio license classes; Technician, General, and Extra.  All 6 of us passed the first test (the technician), 2 of us (including myself) passed the general test, and 1 passed all 3 today.  We could miss 9 questions on the 35-question test for both Technician and General.  Both Amanda and I missed 3-questions on the Technician and I missed 9 on the general.  One might say I got a perfect score on the general! 🙂

Our Ward had no ham radio operators in it before today.  It now has 1 Extra, 1 General, and 4 Technicians!  We do have to wait until our name appears in the FCC’s ULS database, which should be about Thursday.  I’m excited.  We’re talking about setting up a Ham Radio Club (since we need 4-members, and we have 6).  Maybe North Las Vegas LDS Hams?  Or North Las Vegas Mormon Hams?  Latter-day Hams?

Free Ham Radio class

I’ve been in contact with a Registered Instructor for the American Radio Relay League here in Vegas.  He has offered to come to the LDS Church near my house to teach free Ham Radio classes.  The classes will most likely be Wednesday or Thursday night at about 6:30 pm and will last for 6-weeks.  Anyone interested?