My little Princess

My little Princess Hannah is 6-months old now.  How time does fly.  She has a hard time sleeping through the night but she has the cutest smile, making it all worth it (especially when My Lovetakes care of her most nights!)  I think she is trying to say Daddy, but, at this point, she is definitely Mommy’s Girl.  Amanda doesn’t mind. 🙂

The best present - Hannah!

What would happen?

Mikey, being a 4-year old, likes to ask lots of questions.  He asked a question several hours ago that, to me anyways, really jumped out.  He started asking about why grownups still have parents.  But then he asked what happens to kids if the grownups both die and go back to live with Heavenly Father.  “Who would help us?” he wanted to know.  Amanda and I explained that we have set it up so that if something happened to us, they would go live with one of their aunts & uncles.  “What if something happened to them too?”  Then you would go live with a different set.  What if something happened to all of them?  Then you would go live with someone else we know.  “What if everyone we know would die?”  We told them that he would then be adopted by someone he didn’t know and they would take care of him.  Even though he didn’t know them at first, he would get to know them.

Pretty serious thinking for a 4-year old.  I’m glad that the wife & I have some of these plans in place already.  I hope we never need them.

Philosophical questions

We were on our way home from Grandma’s house when Mikey, my almost 4-year old, started asking some pretty good philosophical questions.  My two favorite are:

Daddy, when will Jesus come out of Heaven?
Daddy, if I do something bad, will I not be able to live in heaven with Heavenly Father and Jesus?

I’m glad that I know the answers to these and, therefore, was able to help him better understand.

Christmas Letter 2009

Dear Friends & Family;

Well 2009 has been a fun year.  Sometimes we wonder if life will ever slow down!  We got our Ham radio licenses this year and Michael, at least, is enjoying talking to people on the air.

Mikey is finally potty trained and is learning to put letters together to make words.   He loves Geotrax trains, Thomas the Tank Engine, the movie Cars, and any cartoon on TV.  Mikey will be turning 4 in January and is excited to be a Sunbeam at Church.

Josh is slowly starting to talk and loves to do whatever his big brother is doing.  He is becoming Mr. Independent and doesn’t want anyone’s help in doing things.  He will be turning 2 in March.

Michael has finally earned an Associate’s degree and is still working hard at fixing computers.  In February, he started working as the Director of Information Technologies for an INC 500 company here in Las Vegas.  He still manages his computer repair business, Las Vegas Geeks, as well so he stays busy.   

Amanda was released from the Relief Society Presidency this past year and has been in Nursery ever since.  A few months later, Mike was called to teach in Nursery as well so it’s a great team.  She is a wonderful Mother and Wife.  She loves couponing and we are all impressed by her savings.




Michael, Amanda, Mikey, and Josh Cox

When you become a little kid again…

Mikey and I were talking this morning. He asked me “When you become a little child again, will you” do something or another (I forget now what it was). I asked him if he thought I’d become a little child again. “Yes Daddy, when you get to the end of the numbers.”. I asked him what the end of the numbers are. “When you reach 100, that is the end of the numbers and you become a little child again.”

Walreds and Post Offices

Monday night, Mikey and I were driving.  We went first to the Post Office.  When we got back in the car and I was buckling him in, he told me “Daddy, I see ‘of’.  See, ‘O-F'”.  I looked where he was pointing and it was the Post Office sign, and, sure enough, there is an “O-F” in Office.  I told him “Yeah, O-F does spell of.  It also has an F-I-C-E.  When you put that all together ‘O-F-F-I-C-E’, you know what that spells Mikey?”  “What?”  “Office”.  “Oh, and if you put “P-O-S-T” in front of that, you know what that spells Daddy?  Post Office.”

Later, we were driving by a Walgreens.  As you may know, the Walgreens logo is in red.  Mikey told me “Daddy, there’s Walgreens.  But the letters are all in red.  Maybe they should be ‘Walreds’.”