Update on "One Angry Democrat"

In February of 2007, I wrote about a conversation that I had with “One Angry Democrat“. I went over to her house again today. Surprise, surprise, she is voting for John McCain. She doesn’t trust Barack Obama. Of course, I told her that I am supporting Chuck Baldwin, because he is actually planning on following the Constitution. She told me that she is a “Liberal Democrat”, just not as liberal of Senator Obama. I told her, as I’ve told you guys before, that I believe that politically, Senators McCain and Clinton are nearly identical, which is why so many Hillary supports (like this lady) is planning on supporting Senator McCain. It is said, though, that the Republican presidential candidate is as liberal as a Clinton.

Is the Clark County Republican Party really that desperate?

As many of my readers will know, I was a delegate to the Clark County GOP Convention.  Since that time, with my unhappiness with the state of the Republican Party (and especially the disaster known as McCain 2008), I’ve started supporting Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin.  However, I am still (at least for the time being) a registered Republican.  I still receive e-mails from the Clark County Republican Party.  I would guess I get about 1 e-mail a day, on average.  Recently, that has gone up, especially with presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain coming into town next week.  They keep sending out e-mails asking for volunteers.  It appears that they are getting desperate for volunteers.  Today, out of the blue, they called me and asked if I would volunteer.  I told them that I wasn’t interested in John McCain and wasn’t planning on voting for him.  Before I could say anything else, they said okay and hung up.  I wanted to tell them that if I was faced with a  socialist or an almost socialist, why not make the hidden 3rd choice of someone else.  I wanted to tell them that I love the inspired Constitution and I will not be volunteering for someone who is going to trample it under their feet.  I wanted to tell them that I believe the Declaration of Independence when it said that “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are… are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life” even if John McCain doesn’t.  And the Democrats are just as bad or worse, on everything important to me.

Democrat Debate in Vegas

So, I was watched part of the Democrat debate at UNLV today. Quite a few things annoyed me (although I couldn’t yell at the TV as much as I wanted to as Mikey had fallen asleep on the couch downstairs. The thing that bothered me the most was when they asked each Democrat Presidential candidate if they would ask a potential nominee for the US Supreme Court if they accepted Roe V. Wade as “settled law”. Every candidate, in some form or another agreed with that notion. I do not agree with Roe V. Wade, however, the thing that bothered me is the “settled law”. Did I miss something in my Civics classes? When did the Courts get the power to pass laws? How can a Court decision be “settled law”? Where in the Constitution (including its Amendments) was the Judaical branch given that power? As I read it, only the Legislative branch has the power to make law.