A 1000 Mikeys and a 1000 Laptops

So, one of Mikey’s favorite activities now is to type on our computers.  He will, for example, come sit on my lap and say “Notepad, Daddy”.  He will then sit and type all sorts of random characters.  Recently, he has saved a new document, closed it, and reopened it.  Today he was able to print what he was working on.  A few days ago, he did a print screen and inserted it into Microsoft Word!  So, it makes me wonder; how long would it take Mikey to type all the words of Shakespeare?

               Mikey Cox - typing in March 2008                 Mikey Cox - typing in March 2008

Mikey Cox - typing in March 2008

Hard Drive Errors

I went to a client’s house last Friday. They were getting an “Unaccessable Boot Device” error on startup. So, telling them that the drive was probally about to go out, I took it with me. They told me that if that is the case, they may just get a new computer. I ran a checkdisk and it fixed some of the problems. But I’ve never seen a working drive with so many errors. I’ve copied their data off it. Now we’ll have to see if they want it replaced or not.

Mom's Printer Problems

My Mom & Dad have a MICR printer at their house. They use this to print checks up for their business. Mom called me very worried this morning. She was using her printer and all of a sudden it started grinding and wouldn’t print. Well, I went over there. Long story short, her hair pick had fallen down the bypass tray and was preventing the pickup roller from picking up!