It Is Going To Be A Rocky Road

It Is Going To Be A Rocky Road
by Chuck Baldwin
September 22, 2009

Let’s face it: most Americans live in a world of false security. This is somewhat understandable, given the fact that the majority of the U.S. population was born after 1945. Few remember the dangers and hardships of World War II; fewer still remember the Great Depression. Few Americans know what it’s like to not have some sort of “supercenter” nearby with shelves stocked with every kind of food imaginable, twenty-four hours a day. Few know what life was like before there were restaurants of all sizes and types on virtually every street corner in America. And only a handful remembers when most roads were unpaved, or when sports were truly a pastime and not a megabuck obsession.

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Constitution Party / Independent American Party growth

The Constitution Party as well as its state affiliate, the Independent American Party of Nevada, has performed better in 2008 than it did in 2004 and 2000 on its presidential ticket.

1992 US Tax Payer Party (nationwide):  43,369 votes    [0.04%] (source)
1996 US Tax Payer Party (nationwide): 184,820 votes   [0.20%] (source)
2000 Constitution Party (nationwide):  98,020 votes    [0.10%] (source)
2004 Constitution Party (nationwide): 143,630 votes   [0.12%] (source)
2008 Constitution Party (nationwide): 169,459 votes   [0.14%] (not fully reported) (source)

1992 Independent American Party (statewide): not available at this time
1996 Independent American Party (statewide): not available at this time
2000 Independent American Party (statewide):   621 votes    [0.10%] (source)
2004 Independent American Party (statewide): 1,152 votes   [0.14%] (source)
2008 Independent American Party (statewide): 3,181 votes   [0.33%] (source)

1992 Independent American Party (Clark):   413 votes   [0.14%] (source)
1996 Independent American Party (Clark):   834 votes   [0.32%] (source)
2000 Independent American Party (Clark):   353 votes   [0.09%] (source)
2004 Independent American Party (Clark):   602 votes   [0.11%] (source)
2008 Independent American Party (Clark): 1,868 votes   [0.29%] (source)

While I wish Chuck Baldwin would have done better than he did, I am impressed that, with his limited resources, he has more than doubled his showing in Clark County and the state of Nevada, and has done better nationwide than the party did in 2004.

While I do not agree with him on just about anything, I would like to congratulate President-Elect Barack Obama on his victory tonight.


last updated: 5 November 2008 at 1:33 am

(note, I will update this post as the election results are finalized)

Chuck Baldwin at CLC 2008

I recorded Chuck Baldwin‘s speech at the Conservative Leadership Conference on September 20, 2008.

I’ve finally posted it here on Mike’s World News.

Edit: 7 October 2008: To increase speed and the exposure of this great video, I’ve got it uploaded now to Google Video.


As a backup, I’ve left it also at Mike’s World News.


Chuck Baldwin is the Constitution Party / Independent American Party of Nevada Presidential Candidate.

Darrell Castle: Something Wicked This Way Comes

by Darrell L. Castle
Constitution Party 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate

Laws, originally evolving out of the New Deal legislation written in response to the great depression, once protected the American financial system. Starting in the 1990’s, in response to intense lobbying efforts by the financial industry, those laws were stripped away. The most important one was Glass Steagall which separated commercial banking from the type of investment work of a stockbroker. Glass Steagall was signed out of existence in 1999 by President Clinton and less than 10 years later the entire financial system is bankrupt. Another law, known as The Uptick rule, prevented companies from crashing due to large scale shorting of company stock. A company’s stock could not be sold short as long as it was in continuous decline. Short sellers had to wait for an uptick in the stock before shorting. The Uptick Rule ended in 2007 just about one year ago.

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McCain Urges Treasury to Act Without Legislation on Bailout

Republican Presidential candidate John McCain “Speaking on morning television, the Arizonan urges the Treasury Department to address the economic crisis on its own by buying $1 trillion in mortgages and tapping its exchange stabilization fund. Also backs raising the FDIC insurance cap to $250,000.”“i’m-not-going-to-parse-every-answer”/

So, in other words, Congress failed to pass an unconstitutional bill.  So, the Republican candidate for President wants the Executive Department to act anyways; he wants them to do something that they have no authority to do.  So much for the Constitution.  And this is who “Conservatives” want for President?  I chose Door # 3; Chuck Baldwin for President!

Update on "One Angry Democrat"

In February of 2007, I wrote about a conversation that I had with “One Angry Democrat“. I went over to her house again today. Surprise, surprise, she is voting for John McCain. She doesn’t trust Barack Obama. Of course, I told her that I am supporting Chuck Baldwin, because he is actually planning on following the Constitution. She told me that she is a “Liberal Democrat”, just not as liberal of Senator Obama. I told her, as I’ve told you guys before, that I believe that politically, Senators McCain and Clinton are nearly identical, which is why so many Hillary supports (like this lady) is planning on supporting Senator McCain. It is said, though, that the Republican presidential candidate is as liberal as a Clinton.