Christmas Letter 2009

Dear Friends & Family;

Well 2009 has been a fun year.  Sometimes we wonder if life will ever slow down!  We got our Ham radio licenses this year and Michael, at least, is enjoying talking to people on the air.

Mikey is finally potty trained and is learning to put letters together to make words.   He loves Geotrax trains, Thomas the Tank Engine, the movie Cars, and any cartoon on TV.  Mikey will be turning 4 in January and is excited to be a Sunbeam at Church.

Josh is slowly starting to talk and loves to do whatever his big brother is doing.  He is becoming Mr. Independent and doesn’t want anyone’s help in doing things.  He will be turning 2 in March.

Michael has finally earned an Associate’s degree and is still working hard at fixing computers.  In February, he started working as the Director of Information Technologies for an INC 500 company here in Las Vegas.  He still manages his computer repair business, Las Vegas Geeks, as well so he stays busy.   

Amanda was released from the Relief Society Presidency this past year and has been in Nursery ever since.  A few months later, Mike was called to teach in Nursery as well so it’s a great team.  She is a wonderful Mother and Wife.  She loves couponing and we are all impressed by her savings.




Michael, Amanda, Mikey, and Josh Cox

Mikey's 2nd Christmas

So, last week was Mikey’s 2nd Christmas.  We went up to my parents for Christmas.  Of all the things he got, I’d say his two favorite are a toy laptop (so he can be like Mommy & Daddy) and a couple of Animated Stories from the New Testament by NEST/Living Scriptures, which we watch almost every day, a couple of times.  “Daddy, DVD” he’ll say.  It’s fun to watch him play with his laptop.  He’s getting so smart with his letters.  He can recognize all his capital letters now and his numbers 2-5.  He get’s mad when his parents (or the laptop) try to tell him that the number 1 is in fact the number 1, for Mikey thinks it should be the letter I.