Cisco Access Control Lists Notes

This is part of the Cisco Notes series on Mike’s World News

Standard Access Control Lists (ACLs) are 1-99 and 1300-1999.
Extended ACLs are 100-199 and 2000-2699.

Standard ACLs are typically placed close to the destination.
Extended ACLs are typically placed close to the source.
I remember this as: SD/ES
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Spanning Tree Notes

This is part of the Cisco Notes series on Mike’s World News.

Spanning-Tree Protocol or STP is IEEE standard 802.1d.
Rapid Spanning-Tree Protocol or RSTP is IEEE standard 802.1w.

The first manufactured switch will be, by default, the root switch in a Spanning Tree.  This is because it has the lowest bridge ID (lowest priority plus mac address) is the root switch.  If all switches are using the default priority of 32768, then the switch with the lowest MAC address is the root switch.

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Cisco Notes

I’m still working on Cisco ICND-2, which I started over the summer, but with everything going on, I haven’t got it finished yet.  I thought I’d start typing up some notes as I study to help me better learn the information.  I will be presenting these notes in the coming days on Mike’s World News and in no particular order.

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Oh Cisco

For years I have wanted to start learning how to operate Cisco Systems’ routers and switches.  One of the reasons that I decided to go ahead with finishing my Bachelors through Western Governors University is that I would have 3 Cisco classes / Certifications (CCENT, CCNA, and CCNA Security).  I finished the 1st class a few days ago.  The class was tough, but manageable.  I really understand why 80%ish of the IT world uses Cisco.  These things are great.  Now, to start switching work to Cisco…  that might be harder than the test! 🙂

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What I'd do with a $20 million lottery win

Note: I will be starting college again March 1st.  I will be attending Western Governors University.  I originally wrote this for a scholarship from to help pay for college. but was about 3 hours late turning it in.  I think I did a pretty good job so I figured I’d post it here.

I believe that if I would to win a $20 million dollar lottery, while portions of my life would change, overall, my life wouldn’t change very much.  Upon winning the lottery, I would immediately call my dear sweet wife.  She is a stay at home mom to our three beautiful children.  My wife and I would go out to dinner so we could discuss our financial plan.  The next day, I would write a check and pay off the mortgage.    I would also write a check to my Church for 10% of the winnings.  Of course, the government would also take 30-40% in taxes.  This would leave me with about $10 million dollars. I would take the money and divide it up into various bank accounts so that no one bank was above the FDIC coverage limit (I have had several banks that I have dealt with fail).   I would tell my family, but I don’t think I would tell many, if any, other people.  There just isn’t a smart reason to tell non-family members.  They would either think I’m bragging, or want to borrow money from me.   I do think I would take a weeks’ vacation from work and go on a nice trip with my family.  When we got back (or perhaps before we go), I would setup trust accounts for each of my 3 children for college, fully funding, with some extra, their anticipated college expenses.  I would then purchase some real estate and rent out the properties, to help bring long term income into my family.  I would talk to my parents and my wife’s parents about paying off their home mortgages, thus bringing some financial peace to them.  I would keep $5 million dollars in good growth mutual funds to allow this money to keep growing.  By having this money grow at 6%-10% annually, I would bring in at least $300,000.00 annually that we can live on without touching the remaining $5 million.

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The trouble with regulations

I recently watched Max Borders’ video on regulation (watch it at I completely agree with Mr. Borders’ stance. I was a small business owner who provided computer repair services in Las Vegas. It was almost mind numbing to start up and maintain this business. I had to register (and pay fees) with the State, with the county and with the city. I was operating this business out of my house, so I also had to get permission from the fire department. I was trying to do work with some larger corporations and every few years they would come out with new requirements for me to follow in order to do business with them. These business licenses and regulations, as well as corporate requirements, cost me thousands of dollars a year before I could even start making money. It was discouraging and, at times, caused me to not want to grow my business. I did hire a few employees when my business grew, but there were regulations (with their own compliance costs) to deal with for having people work for me. Ultimately, I decided it was not worth the cost of compliance and regulations of having employees and stopped hiring them. When employees stopped working for me I did not replace them and I got to the point of having no employees. I eventually sold this business and am now working for someone else, instead of myself.

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Spelling bee

Today, Mikey typed every word that he knows how to spell on my computer.  I then counted; Mikey Cox, who will be 3 in January, can spell 8 words!

All of these words were typed by Mikey on Notepad on my laptop.  I then copied and pasted them into this blog entry:


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High Gas Prices will help the Democrats?

This week in my philosphy class, I had to “Choose a recent (±last 2 weeks) event, story, topic, etc. that interests you and write an argument as a letter to the editor. Try to compose an argument and not merely state an opinion or express an emotion.”  I figured anything by Erin Neff would be a good article to argue against and found one from June 8 in which she tries to explain how high gas prices will help Democrats win in November.  She also mistated why Republicans were against bills like Lieberman-Warner.  Here is my response, which I have also sent as a letter to the Editor. Continue reading

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My Obstacles to Critical Thinking

After a semester break, I’m back in school.  Perhaps one day I’ll finish it up!  I’m taking Philosophy 102: Critical Thinking.  I like to post some of what I write in school.  This week, I had to “write a paragraph identifying what specific obstacle to critical thinking you personally might be especially susceptible to. Explain why.”  If you’re interested, go ahead and read it and then let me know what you think. Continue reading

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Using power over others

In my Communications class a few weeks ago, the professor asked the class to discuss “under what circumstances is it appropriate for a person to use the power he or she has over another person to satisfy personal goals“. Most of the class said it was never appropriate. I was the first (and one of the few) that disagreed with that. I thought my original comment, as well as a few of my replies were good so I decided to repost them here.

My Original Post
I think it is appropriate for a person to use power over another to satisfy personal goals under many circumstances. For example, I have a 22 month old son. As a result, I have legitimate power over him. I have a personal goal to make sure that he is safe. When he does something that could potentially hurt him, I will use reward and/or coercive power to make sure that he doesn’t. I have another personnel goal of growing my business. Therefore, my customer’s rely on my expert power when they hire me.

Replies to others 1
Normally I agree with you on these topics, but time I am forced to disagree. I think there are times when it is appropriate and necessary to use power over others to satisfy personal goals. That is the basis for our capitalist society. A person uses their expert power on others when they offer goods or services that others want, desire, and/or use. In return, the person who desires those goods or services uses their reward power to pay for these good or services.

Replies to others 2
I agree with you about that a person shouldn’t abuse the power they have over someone. But can someone use the power they have over someone without abusing that power? What if the husband in your example uses his power over his wife to keep her from sitting on the couch all day watching Oprah and eating bon-bons? Is that appropriate?

Replies to others 3 (someone I agreed with)
I agree that a boss often times needs to use their power over employees to satisfy personal goals. The boss wants his/her department to double efficiency, for example. That’s his personal goal. So, he/she uses his/her power to get the employees to work more efficient. Great point!

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