I feel like I sold my 1st Child…

Its a happy, yet sad day, at the Cox household.  I opened a computer service business named Las Vegas Geeks in February 2003.  In February of this year, I sold this business to a friend, but was allow to continue using the name until the sale was completed.  This sale was completed a few days ago.

I wasn’t married until 2004 and didn’t have my 1st kid until 2006.  So, while the Wife and I believe selling the business was the right course of action, it is still a little sad.  We had actually considered selling it a few years earlier, but didn’t.  Since a friend has purchased it, we thought it was a little bit easier to sell.  I want to personally wish Kerrigan Enterprises, LLC doing business as Las Vegas Geeks a good future and continued growth!  I know she’s your baby now… but she was my baby first, so treat her right!

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What I'm Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  As we all sit down and celebrate our blessings this year, I wanted to take a second and express some of the things that I am grateful for.

I am grateful for my family.  I don’t know what I’d do without them.  Amanda is the rock that keeps our family running smoothly.  She is (usually) so happy and sweet and forgiving of her 3 boys when we do something wrong.  She is the pretty girl I know and I’m happy that we have the opportunity to be together forever.  I’m so happy that she is willing to put up with me forever and I hope that I am worthy of her forever.

Mikey is my little namesake.  I am continually amazed at how smart he is.  I have no idea where he gets all of his knowledge from.  He’s almost 3 and fills each day of ours with happiness and love.  He tries really hard to be a good boy and a big helper.  And he normally is.

Josh is my little buddy.  At 8-months old, it is fun to watch him look around the room with wonder.  Everything is so new and exciting.  He also gives Daddy wonderful smiles.

My parents are so willing to help us with whatever we may need.  They love their grandchildren so much.

My siblings love my boys so much.  They go out of their way to let their kids play with my kids and to see us.

My in-laws are wonderful.  You hear all these Mother-in-Law jokes from people, but those people have never meet my mother-in-law.

Who would believe that 9-years after high school graduation my high school circle of friends still meets together about once a month for dinner and games?  They sometimes drive me crazy but I can’t imagine not seeing them or talking to them.

I’m so grateful for Jesus Christ, my Lord and my Savior.  Without His atoning sacrifice, nothing else would matter.  I strive each day to become more and more like Him so that one day when “he shall appear, [I] shall be like him” (1 John 3:2).  I’m grateful that in these last days, He has a prophet on the Earth, even Thomas S. Monson.  I strive to always follow the Lord and His servants for, as He taught, “whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same” (Doctrine and Covenants 1:38).

I’m grateful to live in America.  She has her problems (most of which are Government induced) but she is still a wonderful land.  What other country has a Constitution inspired by God?  I didn’t support President-Elect Obama, but I wish him the best.  I hope he follows our Constitution and is a great president.  If he does, I’ll support him.  If (when) he doesn’t, I’ll oppose him.  I’m grateful that I have the freedom to do those things.

I’m thankful for so many other things that there just isn’t time for in this blog entry.

What are you guys thankful for?

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The Things That Bother Us

I had someone from my ward call me this morning, to ask my forgiveness.  Several months ago, I thought I saw this person at the store and was going to go say hi.  I put something in my cart and by then couldn’t find them.  A few days later at Church I saw them and told them that I thought I saw them at the store.  This person told me that they didn’t see me.  No problem.  I haven’t thought about it since then.  Fast forward to today.  This person called to tell me that in fact they did see me but was in a bad mood and didn’t want to talk to anyone.  They were going to the Temple today and wanted to let me know so they wouldn’t feel like a liar.  Of course, its always good to reflex on past behavior and to correct past wrongs; I found this kinda funny.  I’m glad they were able to get it off their chest.   Maybe I should look at my past behavior and try to figure out people that I need to apologize for.

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By request

Four random things I like about my husband:
1. What husband?
2. Ummm.. I have a wife.
3. She’s a chick.
4. Not a dude. 

Four jobs I’ve had:
1. Taco Bell team member
2. Walgreens associate
3. Computer technician
4. Business owner

Four movies I have watched more than once:
1. 10 Things I Hate About You
2. Superman
3. Spiderman
4. Batman Begins

Four TV shows I watch:
1. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
2. Smallville
3. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
4. The Simpsons

Four places I have been:
1. Independence, Kansas
2. Alma, Arkansas
3. Cleveland, Oklahoma
4. Independence, Missouri

Four people who e-mail me regularly:
1. She who must be obeyed
2. Denise
3. People interested in Chuck Baldwin for President
4. Various customers

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Macayo’s TCT
2. Macayo’s Chips & Sauce
3. Olive Garden‘s Tour of Italy
4. Amanda‘s homemade dinners

Four places I would like to visit:
1. Germany
2. Nauvoo, IL
3. Israel
4. Hawaii

Four things I am looking forward to in the coming year:
1. Continuing to build up our Home Storage
2. Watching Chuck Baldwinlead our country according to the principles of the Constitution
3. Watching my boys continue to grow and develop
4. Getting closer to being out of debt

Four People I tag:
1. The next person who comes to my blog
2. The person after that
3. The person after that
4. The person after that

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Remembering Aimee

My friend Aimee past away yesterday.  She had a long and painful journey dealing with Cystic Fibrosis.  I have never met someone who knew Aimee who didn’t have kind words to say about her.  She was always happy, rarely negative.  She put up with a lot, for her heart was big.  Now, she is out of pain.  She has left this world for a far better place.  The Prophet Joseph Smith said “The expectation of seeing my friends in the morning of the resurrection cheers my soul”, to which I agree.  We may mourn for the company of our dear friend Aimee, which we should, but let the thought of seeing her again cheer our soul.  Remember the words of Alma to his son “Behold, it has been made known unto me by an angel, that the spirits of all men, as soon as they are departed from this mortal body, yea, the spirits of all men, whether they be good or evil, are taken home to that God who gave them life.” (Alma 40:11).  Aimee has been taken home to the God that gave her life.  Let us honor the memory of Aimee in our thoughts words, actions, and deeds.

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More on the Clark County Republican Convention

So, its been a few day now since the Clark County Republican Convention. Of course, I’ve thought a lot about it. For about half of the Convention, I was sitting next to my friend Denise. I have since released that the last time I was next to Denise at a political function was back in High School. We both attended the Advanced Technologies Academy, in Southern Nevada.  In 1996, then US Vice President Al Gore visited.  People held up “Gore 2000” signs and what not.  And, to be honest, I do not remember much difference between what Gore was talking about and what the people holding up signs on Saturday for John McCain were talking about.  Their policies, their believes, their voting records.  It’s hard to find much that different between those two, just one has a “D” after their name and one has a “R”.  And that’s not what I care about.

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Troy & Sarah’s Reception

Troy & Sarah’s reception was nice. They had a lot more people then the Salt Lake Reception did. I was late, however, for it. They waited for me, which was nice. Since I was in the wedding party (as the best man), I danced with the maid-of-honor (Sarah’s older sister). I was strange dancing with a different woman.

Our friends really decorated Troy’s car. The wife finally understands why I hide our car at our wedding.

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Troy & Sarah’s Wedding Slide Show

For Billy & Kinsley’s wedding, for Sarah & DJ’s wedding, and now for Troy & Sarah’s wedding, the wife and I have been taking pictures with our digital camera and then creating a DVD slideshow, with music and what not. Troy & Sarah’s DVD slideshow has their pictures from the Salt Lake Temple and their reception in North Salt Lake. Tonight, they’re having a reception in Las Vegas and we’ll have to get some more pictures and add them in.

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