Month: February 2019

What does it mean to become “born again”?

During Sunday School today we were reading John 3:2-6. The discussion came up of what the Lord meant by being “born again”. The typical answer of being baptized and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and other comments where made. As everyone was speaking and quotes were read from various Latter-day Prophets and Apostles […]

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Stock Pick – February 6, 2019

I purchased 10 shares in AppFolio (APPF) for $63.25 today. They do not pay a dividend but are a growth company. AppFolio is a cloud services company. They provide Software As a Service (SAAS) to 2 different vertical markets. Their main product is for property management companies. They are one of the largest (I think […]

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January 2019 dividends

During January 2019, I received $412.38 in dividends. Look at monthly recaps from other months. For other months visit my Monthly Dividend Recap page. Symbol Stock Amount  JPM  JPMORGAN CHASE &CO. COM 8.06  QYLD  GLOBAL X FDS NASDAQ 100 COVER 8.88  SPAXX  FIDELITY GOVERNMENT MONEY MARKET 4.29  BKS  BARNES &NOBLE INC COM 31.50  GE  GENERAL […]

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