Month: July 2018

Stock Picks – July 26, 2018

Stock Pick # 1 I recently purchased shares of MongoDB Inc ((). MongoDB Inc was originally founded in 2007 and is the developer of the MongoDB database. I use MongoDB in some of the technology that I sell and service and their popularity continues to grow. They are still a small company but growing fast, […]

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Stock Picks – July 23, 2018

Stock Pick # 1 Today I purchased shares of telecom giant AT&T (). AT&T is currently paying a 6% dividend and has been continuously paying and growing this dividend for the last 34 years! Once its merger of Time Warner is finally complete, AT&T will be the 5th largest company in the United States. AT&T […]

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Where does the time go?

Its July 22, 2018. Let that sink in for a minute. 20-years ago it was just a few weeks before my senior year of high school. 14-years ago, my wife and I had been married just a few months. 10-years ago we were in the beginnings of what is now called “The Great Recession”. 5-years […]

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Stock Picks – July 20, 2018

On this initial post of “Mike’s Stock Picks” I am posting and expanding on two stock picks I posted earlier today on Facebook: iQIYI and AbbVie.

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