Month: September 2011

Spanning Tree Notes

This is part of the Cisco Notes series on Mike’s World News. Spanning-Tree Protocol or STP is IEEE standard 802.1d. Rapid Spanning-Tree Protocol or RSTP is IEEE standard 802.1w. The first manufactured switch will be, by default, the root switch in a Spanning Tree.  This is because it has the lowest bridge ID (lowest priority plus mac address) is […]

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Cisco Notes

I’m still working on Cisco ICND-2, which I started over the summer, but with everything going on, I haven’t got it finished yet.  I thought I’d start typing up some notes as I study to help me better learn the information.  I will be presenting these notes in the coming days on Mike’s World News and […]

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Another new host

A little over a year ago, I switched from hosting my Blog on a Windows Server in my home office to using a cheap paid hosting company.  This company was pretty good for about 9-months.  Its been a disaster since then.  I have finally switched this blog off.  I’ll be switching the Wife’s soon.  If […]

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