Spanning Tree Notes

This is part of the Cisco Notes series on Mike’s World News.

Spanning-Tree Protocol or STP is IEEE standard 802.1d.
Rapid Spanning-Tree Protocol or RSTP is IEEE standard 802.1w.

The first manufactured switch will be, by default, the root switch in a Spanning Tree.  This is because it has the lowest bridge ID (lowest priority plus mac address) is the root switch.  If all switches are using the default priority of 32768, then the switch with the lowest MAC address is the root switch.

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Cisco Notes

I’m still working on Cisco ICND-2, which I started over the summer, but with everything going on, I haven’t got it finished yet.  I thought I’d start typing up some notes as I study to help me better learn the information.  I will be presenting these notes in the coming days on Mike’s World News and in no particular order.

Another new host

A little over a year ago, I switched from hosting my Blog on a Windows Server in my home office to using a cheap paid hosting company.  This company was pretty good for about 9-months.  Its been a disaster since then.  I have finally switched this blog off.  I’ll be switching the Wife’s soon.  If you have noticed a decrease in activity since about April, the problems we have been having with the host, as well as school for me is the reason.