"That's my name"

Josh loves to spell his name.  J-O-S-H.  Recently, he has started looking at paper that has lots of letters and words on it.  As he looks at it, he looks for the letters in his name.  So, in the middle of the first line, for example is a J, with an O and the next line, and S 2 paragraphs later, and an H right at the end.  He will see these and say “That’s my name.  See?  J-O-S-H.”

My little Princess

My little Princess Hannah is 6-months old now.  How time does fly.  She has a hard time sleeping through the night but she has the cutest smile, making it all worth it (especially when My Lovetakes care of her most nights!)  I think she is trying to say Daddy, but, at this point, she is definitely Mommy’s Girl.  Amanda doesn’t mind. 🙂

The best present - Hannah!

My Big 2 1/2 Year Old

Josh is my big 2 1/2 year old.  He’ll be 3 in March.  He loves Geotrax Trains.  Every night when I put him in bed, I ask him “What do you think you’ll dream about tonight?”  Without fail, he always tells me “Team Geotrax – Working Together to Make GeoTown Better.  All Aboard!” which is the theme song that Fisher-Price put together for the Geotrax cartoon episodes.

Josh can be more challenging than Mikey, my almost 5-year old, but he is still a fun kid and I love him so much.

Mikey and Baby Bear

Last night, Mikey couldn’t find Baby Bear, his teddy bear.  Mikey loves this little bear.  He sleeps with him every night.  If he gets scared or lonely, he gets Baby Bear.  He refers to him as his best friend and his first friend.  So, when I was tucking him in bed, he asked me “When you are down, would you go look for Baby Bear.”  I told him maybe.  He asked what did I mean by maybe.  Maybe I would or maybe I wouldn’t.  He looked at me and with a little bit of a sad tone said “Daddy, of course you’ll go look for Baby Bear because he’s my best friend and you love me.”  I couldn’t argue with that, so I went and found that silly little bear.  🙂