What would happen?

Mikey, being a 4-year old, likes to ask lots of questions.  He asked a question several hours ago that, to me anyways, really jumped out.  He started asking about why grownups still have parents.  But then he asked what happens to kids if the grownups both die and go back to live with Heavenly Father.  “Who would help us?” he wanted to know.  Amanda and I explained that we have set it up so that if something happened to us, they would go live with one of their aunts & uncles.  “What if something happened to them too?”  Then you would go live with a different set.  What if something happened to all of them?  Then you would go live with someone else we know.  “What if everyone we know would die?”  We told them that he would then be adopted by someone he didn’t know and they would take care of him.  Even though he didn’t know them at first, he would get to know them.

Pretty serious thinking for a 4-year old.  I’m glad that the wife & I have some of these plans in place already.  I hope we never need them.

Come Quickly

I’ve been having some pretty late nights working on a house the last couple of days.  A few nights ago, I was listening to Coast to Coast AM.  The guest said something about hopefully the Savior comes soon.  The Host, George Noory, said something to the effect of “If He is there, I hope He comes soon”.  I though “Come Quickly Lord Jesus, I’ll always be watching”.  The spirit came over me very strongly, perhaps stronger than I have felt it in sometime.  In my soul I felt the Lord saying “I come quickly.  Prepare ye the way of the Lord.”  I was left not knowing if quickly was 2 minutes, 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years, 2 decades, or even 2 millennium.  But I was left with the renewed knowledge that I know that He is coming.  Ultimately, the most important thing in this life is to prepare ourselves and those around us for His ultimate return.