10 Ways our Republic and Constitution are being destroyed

10 Ways our Republic and Constitution are being destroyed while
enemies of freedom are being aided:

1. By diplomatic recognition and aid, and trade and negotiations with the communists.
2. By disarmament of our military defenses.
3. By destruction of our security laws and the promotion of atheism by decisions of the Supreme Court.
4. By loss of sovereignty and solvency through international commitments and membership in international organizations.
5. By undermining of local law enforcement agencies and Congressional investigating committees.
6. By usurpations by the executive and judicial branches of our federal government.
7. By lawlessness in the name of civil rights.
8. By a staggering national debt with inflation and a corruption of the currency.
9. By a multiplicity of executive orders and federal programs which greatly weaken local and state governments.
10. By the sacrifice of American manhood by engaging in wars we apparently have no intention of winning.”

Ezra Taft Benson
An Enemy Hath Done This (1969), p. 40,

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