The Things That Bother Us

I had someone from my ward call me this morning, to ask my forgiveness.  Several months ago, I thought I saw this person at the store and was going to go say hi.  I put something in my cart and by then couldn’t find them.  A few days later at Church I saw them and told them that I thought I saw them at the store.  This person told me that they didn’t see me.  No problem.  I haven’t thought about it since then.  Fast forward to today.  This person called to tell me that in fact they did see me but was in a bad mood and didn’t want to talk to anyone.  They were going to the Temple today and wanted to let me know so they wouldn’t feel like a liar.  Of course, its always good to reflex on past behavior and to correct past wrongs; I found this kinda funny.  I’m glad they were able to get it off their chest.   Maybe I should look at my past behavior and try to figure out people that I need to apologize for.

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