Potty Mouth

As you guys know, we’ve been working on potty training Mikey.  Currently, we are using a potty chart and each time Mikey uses the potty, he puts a sticker on it.  He gets rewards based on the number of times, although recently, every time he goes, he gets a little mini bag of M&Ms.  A night or two ago, Mikey was about to go to bed and told us he had to go pee-pee.  I took him into the bathroom and he went pee-pee.  Afterwards, we went into Mommy’s office and he got a sticker and put it on his potty chart.  He then asks Amanda & I “What do I get”?  Mommy told him that he got a sticker for his potty chart.  Mikey looks at her and said “What do I get to put in my mouth?”

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