If I were Nancy Pelosi…

If I were Nancy Pelosi, I would give in to the Republican’s demand of “drill here/drill now”.  I would call the House of Representatives back into session tomorrow, 4 September 2008, in the afternoon.  I would do this for two reasons.  First, that is when presumptive Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain will be accepting the Republican nomination for President.  Second, several of the Republicans are on a “fact finding mission” to Iraq & Afghanistan.  I believe that few of the Republicans would come back in the middle of the GOP convention and Speaker of the House Pelosi could always point out that she got down to business and the Republicans didn’t care enough about the American Working families to come back into session and vote on drilling.

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2 thoughts on “If I were Nancy Pelosi…

  1. I think the political back lash she would take for such a blatant partisan move would far out weigh any benefit she would get from being able to claim the Republican’s didn’t care. Plus, given that McCain has already been willing to almost stop the convention for Gustov, if McCain rallied Republicans to leave the convention and be there to vote, sacrificing his own chance to be in the spot light, he would only come off looking like a man who actually was leading a united Republican Party. Too many risks in that type of a move.

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