Fiscal & Social Conservative

Why can’t there be both a candidate for President of these United States that is both Fiscal & Social Conservative?  While Mitt Romney is not the perfect candidate, for many reasons, I do like him for many reasons.  Bottomline, I believe he is the closest to a true fiscal conservative and a true social conservative candidate running for President in 2008.  I don’t believe John McCain (nor any of the Democrats) is either one.  I think Rudy Giuliani is a fiscal conservative, but he isn’t a social conservative.  Mike Huckabee is most likely a social conservative, but he isn’t a fiscal conservative.  I really like Ron Paul’s fiscal conservatism, but he isn’t a social conservative either.  Where does a conservative like me go if Mitt Romney is not the GOP candidate?

Florida Primary Results

My man Mitt came in 2nd in Florida today. That made me a little depressed. It was a hard won fight and John McCain has pulled into the lead in terms of delegates, because Florida is a “winner-takes-all”.

CNN’s latest estimated & awarded delegates (factoring out Thompson & Hunter)
McCain – 95 delegates
Romney – 67 delegates
Huckabee – 26 delegates
Paul – 6 delegates
Giuliani – 1 delegate

In terms of states won:
1st Place Wins/Gold Medals – 3 states for Romney; 3 states for McCain; 1 state for Huckabee
2nd Place Wins/Silver Medals – 3 states for Romney; 2 states for McCain; 1 state for Huckabee

The web-rumors are saying that Rudy Giuliani will be dropping out of the race tomorrow and will be endorsing current front-runner John McCain. I think that if John McCain is the nominee, I might have to vote 3rd party…

Stupid Drivers

So, I was driving to a job down south yesterday.  I was at a stop light.  There was a car next to me in a right turn only lane.  The light turns green so I start to drive.  This car speeds up and cuts me off, almost hitting me.  So I honk at him.  He proceeds to stick his hand out of his car and flip me off for the next half mile.  In the meantime, a car behind me decided he wanted to pass me and the car in front of me.  He got in the center median and illegally passed me.  The car in front of me waited until the car passing us was right to the side of him and then turned left as sharp as he could and proceed to try to run the guy off the road.  The passing car slammed on their brakes and honks and then falls in line between me and the 1st car.  The driver of car # 1 again sticks his hand out his window and flips us off for like half a mile when he does a u-turn and stops and parks his car.  He gets out and yells at us.  I provide to my job (which was very close to where he had turned).  He watched me turn.  A few minutes later, he pulls up to where I was.  I was by a window when he pulled up.  He got out of his car.  I was afraid he was going to go do something to my car so I walked back out front.  He scream and yelled at me for flipping him off (which I didn’t) and for tailgating him (which I didn’t).   He was high on something, but finally calmed down enough to leave.  I was paranoid the whole time I was there that he was going to come back and either try to attack me or harm my vehicle.  But he didn’t.

Remembering Gordon B. Hinckley

Gordon Bitner Hinckley, the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints died today at the age of 97. He has served as President of the Church from 1995 – 2008. He will be remembered as a man of faith and conviction, who loved the members of the Church as well as all mankind. He was a valiant servant of Jesus Christ and spent his life trying to help others come closer to Jesus Christ. He has returned home to that God who gave him life and reunited with his sweetheart, Marjorie Pay Hinckley, who died in 2004. He will be missed by all.

Official Church Press Release

FHE: Principles of the Gospel – Lesson 3

Two weeks ago, I posted my Family Home Evening: Principles of the Gospel – Lesson 1.  I teach Gospel Principles every other week, so today I am teaching lesson 3.  I thought I’d again post the booklet designed for Family Home Evening for anyone who wants it or who cares to comment on it.

Download FHE: Principles of the Gospel – Lesson 3