Little girls who don't eat their dinner don't get desert

So, the Wife wasn’t feeling good and went upstairs to take a nap shortly after I got home from work. As I am trying harder to be a better husband, I decided to make dinner. In the past, the Wife has told me that anytime I make dinner, she’ll be happy and will love to eat it. Well, I as I was cooking dinner, I decided to make Brownies for her, as she loves Brownies (what girl doesn’t?). When dinner was done, I got some on a plate for her and Mikey and I went upstairs with it. And guess what? She didn’t want any of it. I couldn’t believe it! Well, a little while later, she comes downstairs (and still doesn’t have any dinner). She smells the brownies and got really excited. I told her “Little girls who don’t eat their dinner don’t get desert”. She didn’t seem happy by that.