My Stock Tip for you

I believe that every American should have the goal of owning a home. Companies like Countrywide Financial Corporation (NYSE: CFC) help in this goal by loaning money to reacht his American Dream. Recently,Countrywide has been hit with some financial struggles due to the rising number of foreclosures. Countrywide stock is at its lowest point since mid-2004. This year alone, its stock has dropped about 50%. This all being said, I believe this company will pull through these problems a stronger company. As a result, I have decided to purchase a few shares of stock in this company. I believe in its mission and I believe in it.

Of course, with anything like there, this is risk. But, its a risk that I believe is right for my family.

If anyone is interested in investing in Countrywide or any other stock, let me know and I can refer you to one of the Online Brokerages that I use and, after you make you first trade, they’ll give you $25.00 or I can give you a referral to another Online Brokerage that I use that will give you 3 free trades.

Happy B-Day Windows 95

On August 24, 1995, 12 years ago today, Microsoft Corp released Windows 95. As a Tech, I remember hating it, as did most Techs that I knew. We had jokes about it too. Two of my favorites: “Friends don’t let friends run Windows 95” and “Windows 95 (Noun). A 32-bit patch for a 16-bit GUI shell, running on top of a 8-bit operating system, designed for a 4-bit processor, by a two bit company, that can’t stand 1-bit of competition!”

In 12 years, when Windows Vista is 13 years old, I wonder what the computer world will look like.

Credit Counseling

So, I was talking to a friend recently and I gave them some financial advice. This person remembered the advice but didn’t act on it. This person is planning on refinancing their house. This person decided to go see a credit counselor for some suggestions on improving their credit. They had a free coupon to see them but otherwise it would have been about $100.00 to get see the credit counselor. After an hour session, the counselor told them basically the same thing I did, although in 60-minutes verses the10-minutes it took me!

Huntington, Utah coal miners

The trapped coal miners in Huntington, Utah, hit especially close to home for The Wife and I. You see, the Wife’s family lives about 10-minutes south of Huntington. My Father-in-Law works in Huntington. When I first heard about the mine cave-in, I of course, called them to make sure they were all okay. They were. In fact, my Mother-in-Law was home that day from work because they flooded their basement! 🙂

So I was driving in my truck….

late Wednesday night on my way home from a hard, long day at work.  I noticed in front of me a nice look, late model Mitsubishi car.  The car was in good condition.  I then noticed the car had a “Hillary” bumper sticker.  I said out loud that the car would be going to the government subsidies apartments near my home.  Sure enough, they did.

Isn’t it amazing that someone who needs the government’s help paying for an apartment has a nice, newer car?  Isn’t it amazing that they’re planing on voting Democrat?  I’m so glad that after working all day that a little bit of my tax money can go to help this person rent an apartment a little cheaper so they could afford a new car.