LDS Programs

A few days ago, I talked about LDS Tech, a new Church sponsored Website. There are some great looking programs that people have made and talked about on the site. I thought I’d talk about a few of them here.

Ward Map – after downloading the Ward information as a CVS file from your Local Unit Website, load this program and it will map all the members of your Ward.
Ward Photo Directory – this program will allow you to export the MLS from the Church computer and then load in digital files to make a nice looking Photo Directory. As an added bonus, you can click “Export to Website” and it will auto resize the photos, ask you for your Username & Password, and then (assuming you have access), upload the photos to your Local Unit Website.

I plan on updating this blog entry as I find more software programs that I like from LDS Tech.

Top 10 things that Mitt would do once elected President

Tom Welch posted “Top 10 things that Mitt would do once elected President” on his website.
They are:
10. Change the income tax to be 10% of your annual increase.
9. Make green Jello with carrots and funeral potatoes the national meal.
8. Replace Coke with caffeine free Coke in the White House vending machines.
7. Have a prayer at the start of each cabinet meeting.
6. Serve milk at the inauguration ball.
5. Address Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as Sister Pelosi.
4. Bare his testimony during the inauguration.
3. Host a youth conference at Camp David.
2. Take off a week each summer to go with the scouts.And the number 1 thing that Mitt would do once elected President is…

1. Invite the missionaries to all “state dinners”.

Sex, Race, and Religion

AOL had a headline today that said “Sex, Race, and Religion” with Pictures of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney. The story went into a little bit of detail on these three candidates (or potential candidates) for the 2008 US Presidential Election.

Sex, Race, and Religion

As I said earlier; “Shouldn’t you vote for someone (or not vote for someone, as the case maybe) because of their political views? Because of their stance of issues that are important to you?” I think this whole talk of the “First Black President”, the “First Woman President”, and the “First Mormon President” is causing us to overlook the more critical issues. Were do they stand? What experience do they have? What would they do once they are in office?

One Angry Democrat

So, I was at a job today. The lady is a Bush hater. She was talking about PBS and NPR (although she couldn’t remember what NPR’s name was, nor what it stood for). I told her that I am against public money going to PBS & NPR. We live in a capitalist society and if PBS & NPR are to be around, they should sell ads and make money. Why should my tax dollars go to support them? She kinda agreed with me but then said it was nice that they were there to “give the truth”. I said that I’ve listen to them and I can’t believe that crap they shot out of their mouths. She said that means that I must be a Republican, to which I agreed. She started complaining about the War in Iraq, “Global Warming”, the economy, and other phrases that the Left like to complain about. I talked about each point, during which the lady would roll her eyes and shake her head. I would listen to her, yet she was beyond listening to what I said. She asked me if I listen to Bill O’Rielly and Sean Hannity. I told her that I did. She started to strike her pointer fingers together as if she was shaming me. I told her she could shame me for listening to O’Rielly and Hannity just as easy as I could shame her for listening to the crap the left plays on MSNBC and CNN and the New York Times. After that, she walked out of the room.

Trying to install WordPress

So, the wife decided that she wanted a Blog. I decided to install WordPress, which is different than the software that I’m running for Mike’s World. I’ve followed the steps, but I’m still getting a message that says “Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress.” I’m sure that I can get it to work, but it is kinda annoying.