I got a ticket today

I got a ticket today.  However, I think it is a load of crap.  I was pulling onto I-15 South at Spring Mountain.  There is an auxiliary lane.  Traffic is not moving very fast.  I try to get over and end up going almost all the way down before someone slows down to let me over.  Right after I get over, a Nevada Highway Patrolman turns his lights on and pulls me over.  I waited too long before getting over, he informed me.  After he gave me the ticket, I tried to get over.  Traffic was too think for me to be able to.  The NHP trooper had to turn his lights on and stick his motorcycle into the lane to stop traffic so I could go.   Shortly after the spot where he (and 3 other NHP troopers) were pulling people over, traffic started moving again.  So basically, I got pulled over because traffic was too think for me to pull into the main lanes of I-15 because everyone slowed down because they were there.

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