Question 4 vs Question 5… a Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

There are two “Anti-Smoking” bills this November in Nevada elections. However, one is more a “Wolf in sheep’s clothing” and one is really an anti-smoking bill. Question 4, the “Responsibly Protect Nevadans From
Secondhand Smoke” is not. It will not in any way protect Nevadans from 2nd hand smoke. In fact, it many ways, its worse than the current laws! It is being supported by tobacco companies and Herbest Gaming, Inc. On the other hand, Question 5, the “Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act” will help protect us from the dangers of second hand smoke. The Wife and I hate going places that are smoky. This will be great. However, with everything, I don’t want you to just take what I say at face value. Compare Questions 4 & 5

I feel this is very important. I’ve added a banner to the bottom of the front page of,, and about Question 4 & 5, with a link to

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