The Gay Marriage Amendment

The Gay Marriage Amendment did not receive the 2/3 votes needed in the Senate to pass. In fact, it only got 49 votes. Even had it past, it still would have had to go to the States to ratify it.

Here in Nevada, Senator Ensign voted for it while Senator Reid voted against it. Many Democrats have claimed that the Republicans are doing it as a publicity stunt to draw out the conservative base. Well, the way I see it, if its an important issue (as it is to me) then I think it should be talked about… a lot.

I will remember how Senator Reid voted the next time he is up for reelection.

Hillary Clinton's opinion on the War in Iraq

Hillary Clinton was speaking a few days ago. In her talk she started talking about the War in Iraq. As far as I remember, her speak when something like this:

“I do not agree with the current Administration’s open-ended approach. It does not put enough pressure on the new Iraq Government. However, I do not believe we should set a date by which we will withdraw American Troops.”

So, as I listened to that on the radio I pause to think. Okay, so Hillary doesn’t agree with staying until we are done. And she doesn’t agree setting a date. What does she agree with? I guess its easier to disagree than to agree. Most politicians do “double speech”… however, they try not to do it in the same speech. And, if they do, they try not to do it in the same breath….

New Ward; New Calling

2 weeks ago, the local Church unit (the Nellis Manor Ward) that I attend of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was divided. The Wife & I are in the new Ward (the Laurel Canyon Ward).

Today, I was called as an Assistant Ward Clerk, with the primary responsibility of being the Ward Website Admin and the Ward Historian. I’ve been the Ward Website Admin in two Wards already, but I’ve never done anything similar to the Ward Historian.

Letter from the IRS

Today I got a letter from the IRS. This is the 2nd letter that I’ve gotten from them this year. The first one was them telling me that I owned money on my 2004 taxes. This was due to the IRS putting a decimal point in the wrong place. Today, the letter told me that I owned about $9.00 worth of interest on my 2005 taxes. According to their records, they didn’t get my check until April 24th, 2006, and as a result, I had interest due from April 15 – April 24. Two funny things about that; 1) April 15 was a Saturday this year and so taxes were not due until April 17th. 2) I mailed my taxes via certified mail on April 15. I called them and was on hold for about 45 minutes. When they came on, the agent finally agreed with me that I didn’t owe this interest. However, she never really admitted that the IRS had made a mistake. Rather, she tried to pass it off that she was doing me a favor. She also promised to send me a letter saying that my taxes are paid in full for 2005.