Goodbye Camdens

Tonight is the final episode (probably) of the WB’s 7th Heaven. I’ve watched this sweet family show off and on during the last 10 years (1996-2006). I’ve watched it very faithfully all of this season and most of last season as the Wife really likes it. It was decided earlier this year that it will not be picked up for the 2006-2007 season by The WB as it was getting too expensive. However, after the announcement of the CW, talk was in the works to cancel the cancel or to create a spin-off. As of now, neither one has happened.

Today, however, I want to be among the many people who say to Spelling Television and the WB; thank you. Thank you for making such a great, family friendly show. There are millions of families that appreciate it. We hope that Spelling Television (and others in the Media) will create new, high quality family friendly shows, like 7th Heaven.

Las Vegas now has a CW!

It was announced yesterday that KFBT (Gold 33) will be a CW affiliate this fall! That makes me very happy. I was surprised to learn a few days ago that KCNG-CA (UPN Las Vegas) passed on the affiliation, but it all works out. KFBT used to be a WB affiliate. When KUPN got purchased by Sinclair, they decided to drop UPN and switched to the WB. They even changed their call letters to KVWB. KVWB will become an affiliate of FOX’s new My Network TV.