Month: March 2006

GI Joe – a vision of the "War on Terror"?

Ever since Mikey was born, I’ve been watching Saturday morning cartoons with him.  I know he’s too young to watch them, but I figure if I make that a tradition, when he’s older, we can watch them together.  I was watching “GI Joe: Simga Six”, the latest version of the whole GI Joe series.  It […]

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We are back to 2 employees

I had previously reported that I had hired a new employee. Well, he’s no longer working with us. It didn’t work out.

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Scary ID Theft

I received an e-mail today about ID theft. Most of the time these forwards aren’t real. But this one was. It appears that people are being called to say that they missed their jury duty summons. They are told that a warrant has been issued. To try to clear it up, they ask for your […]

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