Month: February 2006

New Online Backup Server

We have a couple of clients with COX Online Backups. Our existing server was having trouble handling the demands of it, e-mail, web, and file/print. So, we’ve added a new server. It is running the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ processor, with a 1 GB of RAM, on Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 Enterprise Edition. […]

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Mikey’s a month old!

A few days ago, Mikey had his 1-month birthday. It’s so hard to believe that he is already one month old. He is so cute! I can’t believe how much I just like to hold him and look at him.

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RAID 5 Error

I’ve been working with a client who has been running a 180-day trial of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise. We decided to put Windows Small Business Server 2003 on it. We had everything working last night when we noticed that one of the drivers in their RAID 5 was blinking red. I went into the RAID […]

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Windows Defender is out

Microsoft Antispyware has come out with Beta 2. Now known as Microsoft Defender (Beta 2), the whole User Interface has changed. I’m running a scan of it right now on my laptop. This came out on Monday. However, I wonder what time Monday as I installed Microsoft Antispyware Beta 1 Monday in the early afternoon […]

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Good Quote from the State of the Union

Last night was President GW Bush’s 5th State of the Union Address. He had a very good phrase; “Hindsight alone is not wisdom, and second guessing is not a strategy”.

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