The Hospital Waiting Game

The Wife and I (and my Mother-in-Law) came to Sunrise Hospital today. The wife is supposed to be induced today as the baby is a week late. Our appointment was at 8:00 AM today. At like 8:10 AM we get to the sign in desk. The Nurse said “You’re late”. We thought she was kidding. They told us to go into a waiting room and they’d be with us shortly. A Nurse a little while later said “Sorry we’re running a little late. If you haven’t had breakfast yet, you might want to go get something.” I asked how long they thought it would be. 45 minutes they told us. Finally, at 11:50ish, they came and got us and took us to the room. It is now 12:38 and we’re finally in a room. The Wife has an IV and the Nurse is taking her history. Crazy, an 8:00 AM appointment at Sunrise Hospital really means Noon.

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