Labor: 2:40 PM update

The Wife’s water broke by itself at about 2:15. Her contractions have gotten stronger. Before her water broke, the Nurse would tell her that she was having a contracting. The Wife would be surprised. She can definitely tell now. The Wife wants to wait to get an epidural until she thinks she needs it.

The Hospital Waiting Game

The Wife and I (and my Mother-in-Law) came to Sunrise Hospital today. The wife is supposed to be induced today as the baby is a week late. Our appointment was at 8:00 AM today. At like 8:10 AM we get to the sign in desk. The Nurse said “You’re late”. We thought she was kidding. They told us to go into a waiting room and they’d be with us shortly. A Nurse a little while later said “Sorry we’re running a little late. If you haven’t had breakfast yet, you might want to go get something.” I asked how long they thought it would be. 45 minutes they told us. Finally, at 11:50ish, they came and got us and took us to the room. It is now 12:38 and we’re finally in a room. The Wife has an IV and the Nurse is taking her history. Crazy, an 8:00 AM appointment at Sunrise Hospital really means Noon.

Quicken 2006

I’ve talked about the difficulties that I’ve had with QuickBooks 2006 with a client. Well, for another client, I was installing Quicken 2006. I got another error message, one that again, I couldn’t find much on the Internet. I used Intuit (the maker of Quicken) Online Chat to talk to them. The lady told me that I copied the data files over wrong. I know that isn’t the case. She then disconnected on me when I was reading what she told me to try. I thought that was very rude. Well, I ended up importing her Quicken file into Microsoft Money and then importing the data from Microsoft Money into Quicken 2006. Worked fine, but is a hassle that I had to do that.

What is up with Intuit? It seems like they are just going from bad to worse.

Mother-in-Law’s Exciting Drive

In prepartion for Baby’s arrival, my Mother-in-Law came down to Vegas to be with the wife and I. She was almost to Mesquite, NV when she decided to take her jacket off. Long story short, she ended up flipping her Ford Explorer into the I-15 median. She spent the night in the hospital in Mesquite. Her car is totalled. The amazing thing is that she was basically unscathed. She landed in the dirt, sitting up, no tears in her clothes, her glasses still on her face. I told her that Baby wanted 2 grandmas and was watching over her.

Power Outage

We had a power outage just a few minutes ago. It wasn’t off very long. I came into my office to see how everything was. My pc was still on. The server, however, had restarted. Funny, since they are both on battery backup. I guess I need to get a new one for the server. But, its back up now.

Las Vegas DVD Memories

The Wife and I have come up with a name for our new DVD Slideshow business “Las Vegas DVD Memories”. We like that name because it is not just for weddings. We can do a lot in Las Vegas on DVD with that name.

We’ve setup a website for it. Note, we have a lot of work on it. But we wanted something on it until we’re done. The address is

Las Vegas DVD Memories

Update: September 25, 2011. We never really got off the ground with this venture and finally shut it down a year or so ago.  We had fun with it but never really made a money.

Grandma’s B-Day

Today is my Grandma’s birthday. I called her and said “Happy 29th birthday Grandma!” We’re going to take her out for dinner tonight, but we’re not sure where. She actually didn’t remember that we’re going to be taking her out for dinner. It’s probably not going to happen, but we thought it might be cool to have our baby on Grandma’s birthday.